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Praise for Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School and for NY Times Bestselling Author Rachel Greenwald:

"Rachel is my kind of gutsy girl: all the kick of cheddar on rye, minus any trace of baloney... Within two weeks of trying Rachel's strategies, I…am now juggling so many suitors that I've started a ‘man-agement' diary." – O, The Oprah Magazine

"For the woman who's ready to vault to the altar...put yourself on this 15-step plan... and you'll have one foot in that Vera Wang gown." ---O, The Oprah Magazine

"Want a spouse? Read this book!"—Fortune

"Greenwald is the hottest thing to hit the dating scene since Sex and the City!"—London Observer

"Dating diva Rachel Greenwald [delivers] an espresso shot of practical advice." —Rocky Mountain News

"May be the most pragmatic set of dating rules yet."—New York Post

"The ultimate single-woman-looking-for-a-man manual!" --- Palm Beach Post

"[A]n instant hit." – USA Today

"Rachel Greenwald… has taught thousands of mature women how to meet Mr. Right." --- People Magazine

"[Rachel's] new book lends legitimacy to the husband hunt…" – New York Daily News

"Greenwald's program is… motivational…. What I found was that [she] had written the book for me, a smart successful woman…" --- The New York Post

"Greenwald… has become a national sensation. Unlike the typical pop psychology self-help book, Greenwald is short on therapy. Her advice is uncommonly blunt…"--- San Jose Mercury News

"Find a Husband is…perfect…for the new millennium, where everything from religion to education to politics comes down to good marketing."
– Chicago Sun-Times

"An MBA brings marketing methods to the mating game…[Greenwald's] ideas are more original…"
-- The New Yorker

"Rachel Greenwald is the Wife Maker."
– The Denver Post

"Although Greenwald's book, Find a Husband After 35, is aimed at women of a certain age…the business principles she recommends apply to all people, men and women, young and old, gay and straight."
– Toronto Star

"[Ms. Beverly Barksdale, a 38-year old nurse] pointed to Find a Husband After 35 as a driving force behind her success. ‘I would never have done something like that [to meet a man] without having read the book first,' she said." – The Augusta Chronicle

"Focused and creative, women get serious in quest to hook Mr. Right." – Atlanta Journal Constitution

"… Real marketing genius."
– The San Francisco Chronicle

"Inspiring advice… single women in [Boston and New Hampshire] love her book. She charmed me instantly… she's empowering women…"
– Concord Monitor, New Hampshire

"[Greenwald] provides a thorough program for dedicated women who have made a priority of finding that special someone." --- Publisher's Weekly

"Husband Hunt is HOT!"--- Variety Magazine

"…Absolutely systematic, insightful, and proactive. From start to finish, Find a Husband After 35 is an intelligent, well-written how-to book."
– The Jerusalem Post

"Not since The Rules hit the radar in the mid-90's has a dating ‘how-to' created so much noise. Joanie Edelberg, 47, a Chicago real estate broker… sees Greenwald as something of a saviour and [says] ‘This book really got me to wake up.'"
—The Guardian, London

"… the book that has stormed America, revolutionized the ‘dating game'… The Program's market-minded approach to finding a husband is more truthful than that of its 90's predecessor, The Rules."
--- The Sunday Times, London

"You're looking for Mr. Right, so follow The Program's man-meeting plan and be ready to reel him in."
--- Woman's Day, Australia

"Colorado-based marketing whiz Rachel Greenwald has scored a publishing hit… Forget cupid's arrows. If you're a woman over 35 and looking to get married, you need a 15-step action program."
--- Edmonton Journal, Canada

"Rachel's approach is clear, systematic, and motivating." – New York Daily News

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