Lecture Info

Rachel has several appearances scheduled in the coming months (see Events). She can also call into your book group to answer questions, or create customized lectures for your group on the topics of:

  • * Dating: How to Have the Men You Want
  • * Dating: Why Men Don't Call Back
  • * Dating: Successful at Work But Haven't Yet Found Love?
  • * Dating: How to "Give Good Phone"
  • * How To Use Facebook to: Find a Job, More Clients, and Fabulous Single Men!
  • * How to Create a Personal Brand and Improve Your First Impressions
  • * How to Apply What You Already Know in Business To Your Relationships
  • * How To Network Effectively For Jobs (Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School)
  • * Well-being & the Search For Love
  • * How to Reinvent Your Image & Build Stronger Relationships
  • * How To Become an Author: Refine your idea, find a literary agent, sell your book to a publisher, and market your book to become a bestseller
  • * Other customized topics for your group


Rachel will phone in to your book group at no cost! Simply invite her and she'll call to answer your dating questions. (Please have a minimum of 8 people at your book group meeting when she calls.) 

Rachel is also available to speak in person for private groups, conferences, and panel discussions.

If you would like to invite Rachel to speak in person or call in to your book group, please send her a question on the Contact page of this website.